Artist Gabriel Moreno

Irune Limited edition of 50. Signed and numbered by hand. Paper: 50 × 105 cm Sheets: 50 × 70 cm Technique: Etching & Lithography Michel Archer paper 240 grs.

Having made it on to the cover of Wall Street Journal and Los Angeles Times, he is one of the most influential international illustrators of the last decade according to the well-known 100 Illustrator publication by Taschen. 

Russian Fragility X Original artwork Size: 100 x 164 cm Technique: pencil, Bic blue pen, charcoal, on paper 320 gr. with finished in gold leaf.

In parallel, he has developed his line of personal artistic work. His work speaks of the beauty and sensuality of women through graphics and the elegance of the black line. Despite his short career, Gabriel's artistic work can be seen in galleries and art fairs around the world such as New York, Singapore, London, Hong Kong, Stockholm or Sydney.

There's no greater prison than the markings on her skin Original artwork Size: 112 x 184 cm Technique: pencil, Bic blue pen, charcoal, on paper 320grms. mounted on varnished wood frame and finished with a layer of epoxy resin.

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