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Artist Gabrielle Stephenson

"Starring"  Artist acrylic  Completed 1999
"Starring" Artist acrylic Completed 1999

Gabrielle Stephenson born 1982. Her artistic journey began in high school, she earned an art scholarship. She went on to study business management. Her artwork was seen in her first art gallery showing in 2018. Gabrielles art has graced exhibitions both in the United States and Canada. She started her own art business Hella 1982 Creative X in 2020.

 "The limit" Artist acrylic  Completed 2022
"The limit" Artist acrylic Completed 2022

Notably her abstract pieces are featured at Las Lagunas art gallery Laguna beach California, and she was also featured in the "elemental" exhibition at the Nampa center for the arts. Her artwork can also be seen in the September/ October issue 2023 of Spotlight magazine France.

"Windows" Artist acrylic  Completed 2022
"Windows" Artist acrylic Completed 2022

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