Artist Jared McGriff

lunar approach 5x7” watercolor on canvas paper

Jared McGriff is a Los Angeles born Miami-based artist. He received his undergraduate degree in architecture from the University of California Berkeley College of Environmental Design and his Masters from New York University.  His paintings have been exhibited at the PRIZM Art Fair during Art Basel Miami Beach, the interdisciplinary MATATU festival in San Francisco, featured on a suite of boutique wine labels, and can be found in the homes of private collectors around the world.

shape into each other 9.5x11.5” watercolor on watercolor paper

My abstract, figurative and portrait watercolor and acrylic paintings are inspired by visual distortions, memory fragments and ephemera.  Capturing the expressions, cultural cues and transitory familiarity of my surroundings, this work depicts the lives of imagined subjects that reflect a global family dispersed. My approach to this collective conscious is informed by a deep connection to history and global perspective.

relic 8.5x10.5” watercolor on canvas paper

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