Artist Jay Thomas II

Born and raised in New York City, Jay's early art creations were greatly influenced by comic book artists such as John Romita, Steve Ditko, and Jim Steranko. During the late 70's and early 80's, Jay tried unsuccessfully to join the artistic ranks of both Marvel and DC comics.

"Woman & Child" - 11x14 Pen & Ink Pointillism art. This is one of my early pointillism (stipling) pieces, depicting a woman carrying possibly her grandchild.

By 1982, he had become discouraged with the comic book style art that he had been doing, and proceeded to drastically change his style of art. This was the year that he plunged headlong into Pen & Ink Pointillism.

"Windows" - 17x17 Prismacolor Pencil art. This piece highlights the notion that the eyes are the 'Windows to the soul'.

Over the next few years, Jay was able to display his art in shows all throughout NYC, Long Island, and Connecticut, and became a member of various art groups such as: The Huntington Township Art League, The Long Island Black Artist Association, and The Harlem StreetGallery. Jay has since abandoned the Pen & Ink Pointillism style (Too costly and time consuming) and now focuses on creating art utilizing Colored Pencils and Ink. He currently resides in Elkridge, MD. with his two daughters, Taja and Kassandria.

"Assimilation" - 19x24 Pen & Ink art. This is part of my Silhouette series, and it symbolizes the assimilation process, whether it be cultural, spiritual, or psychological.

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