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Artist Jill Herlands


Hand fabricated Sterling silver ring, set with Swarovski CZ

.25” x .25”

Photo by artist

After teaching myself about the science behind metalworking, I became obsessed with the manipulation of raw material. My technique of choice has always been hand fabrication. It was during experimentation with cement that I came to discover and appreciate the material as one of unexpected beauty. My use of cement implies strength and durability, even if the material is broken.


Hand fabricated Sterling silver and Steel cuff 

1.5” WIDE

Photo by artist

I enjoy discovering new techniques by experimentation and follow the premise that taking risks are important to growing yourself as an artist. I draw my inspiration from New York City. Architecture, concrete, Steel, and people – the whole of the city influences and motivates me to create what I’m passionate about. Pushing the boundaries of metalwork while experimenting with raw materials, I look for contrasts, full shapes and empty contours. I like the simple abstractions of shapes.


Hand fabricated Sterling silver ring, set with pink Tourmaline

.25 x .50

Photo by artist

I am mesmerized by the fact that a material such as metal can change so drastically from smooth and industrial in appearance to an intriguing organic form that bears no resemblance to the original material. It is as if an object not only assumes a second life but reveals its true identity. The beauty of the form which emerges when metal is manipulated is one that fascinates me. My attitude towards life is decidedly non-conformist, and so is my art.

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