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Artist Junya Ohshima

I was born in Sapporo, 34 degrees north latitude, north of Japan, and received specialized education in art from the age of 17. After that, I studied art at a national university and began to produce and present works.

My work is a symbolic and multifaceted visualization of the multidimensional relationships of the physical world. There are various perspectives on the worldview that people perceive, but I support the one that resonates with the direction of my thinking from the possibilities of physical interpretation that is theoretically consistent.

There are several approaches to the possibilities of quantum gravity theory, but what I emphasize is background independence. So what I'm looking for is not the idea of ​​supersymmetry or superstrings. Also, make causality an important factor. So we need to modify the formulation of the laws of physics for statistical description. And to include emergent ideas. I imagine a world model based on them. I like CDT a little. If possible, I also hope that the world is more like a stewed dish than a dish made on elaborate and subtle recipes.

Since I am a filter myself, it is natural that the cultural and climatic characteristics of the place where I grew up, geographical characteristics, physicality, physical experience, philosophical position, acquired knowledge, artistic expressiveness, etc. There is a bias, but that is the interesting part.

As for the work, I'm the first viewer, and I'm only releasing what I'm satisfied with at that time, so I hope you like it.

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