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"Shophouses" painting is the first one of many shophouses paintings I have made. It is also available as a limited edition print. It was sold very quickly and soon after another Singapore shophouses canvas was commissioned from me. I found myself painting shophouses regularly and I discovered I really liked it. A shophouse is an architectural heritage typical in Singapore and a very popular artistic subject among expats living in Singapore.

I am a Singapore based artist originally from Warsaw, Poland. When I was in my 20s I developed my interest in painting while watching my mother paint.

"Chinese Winter" is a commissioned painting for a French couple living in Singapore. I was asked to paint a black and white abstract cityscape, with a bit of warm color and Asian influence. They loved it and soon after purchased another of my paintings, this time a colorful abstract.

After settling in in Singapore, I discovered acrylics, my favourite medium and began my love for and devotion to painting. In my portfolio you will find landscapes and pure abstracts, but it is the cityscapes that I am drawn to the most, especially places I used to live in, like Tokyo. My originals and prints have been sold across the world, from Europe to Japan, Australia and the U.S. I never know what my paintings will look like at the end as the process is spontaneous and fast, and I hope you too can feel all the good vibes and love that I put into these works of art.

"Chuo Dori" painting comes from my Tokyo collection. Chuo Dori is the main shopping street that runs through Ginza, one of the main city's business districts. During my 2 years staying in Tokyo I used to work there, meet friends and go shopping. I have a lot of great memories attached to this place. Chuo Dori is busy, vibrant and full of life. I hope that it comes across in this painting.

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