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Artist Kiyohisa Fukutani

Kiyohisa Fukutani was born in Japan 1971 and has lived in Ireland since 1994.

I am a self-taught artist and I'm aiming to be an all-around person; Renaissance man.

From an early age, I imitated manga / animation and continued to create manga exclusively until my late teens. For the next few years, I settled on oil paintings after searching for my own expression form and medium.

Like Rafael, I pursued and built my own style while imitating the techniques and styles of the masters.

Into the new millennium I began to create murals for magazine shoots, restaurants and private commissions including musician Fionnuala Sherry of Secret Garden.

Damien Rice has one of cubism paintings in his private Collection.

Working with the decorative art & gilding company "Clements & Moore" for a year, I was in charge of gilding, marble stone and stone block effect at Enya’s Victorian Castle.

During the 10-year suspension of artistic activities, I studied and wrote in the field of health, and in 2021, produced the first wooden sculpture series <Inspiration of Tir na nOg>.

Of course, painting and sculpture will continue in the future, but nowadays I continue to be interested in landscaping as an artistic expression, plastic arts as well as wooden construction, picture books and manga production.

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