Artist Lou Patrou

Green Message

Born in Rochester, New York in the mid of 50's, Lou Patrou, a self-taught artist, has been steadily drawing and painting faces and figures for over 40 years. Lou's work is difficult to categorize because he doesn't always use the same artistic language, repeat the same disciplines or follow a straight direction with his work. One thing you could say is that he is obsessed with making faces and finding new ways to create designs and forms from them.


As a working fine artist, Lou has a reputation for originality and a style all his own that he continues to follow and explore. He has a strong design sensibility that lends itself to an amazing range of contemporary product applications. His designs have a balanced modern aesthetic that, when paired with products create a fresh exciting direction.

Red Rave, Green Rave, Yellow Rave, Lavender Rave

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