Artist Madhvi Singhal

I was born in northern part of India (Chandigarh). I was raised in a artistic family where creativity was encouraged. My mother's folk art and father's creative hand always inspired me. Since childhood I had passion for art. I spent countless hours in exploring my passion and pursued my masters (MFA) in printmaking.

A mixed media drawing on paper. This work shows that moment where, every once in a while, you’re able to forget the chaos of life around you and stop to enjoy the inner calm and rejoice some of the finer memories in your life.

During my masters I learned technique doesn't matter, the thing that matters is your creativity. Therefore, I've tried to explore various mediums and techniques in my work. I've worked on paper, canvas, bottles and stones with pen, paint and printmaking.

Original woodcut print with limited editions. This work depicts that human nature is not just black or white, as often expected, but rather a spectrum. Each person has elements of light and darkness that co-exist within them. Understanding this can not only lead to better self-acceptance and but also help change these misplaced expectations in our society.

Currently, the theme of my work is Nature. The exploration of nature in art can take endless forms because nature provides us with a vast wealth of inspiring phenomena.

In my work I use motifs like animals, birds and females that most facinating parts of nature - complex yet so simple, full of diverse range of emotions and possibilities. They allow me to express my emotions and understanding of the nature through their expressions in my work.

Pen drawing on paper. This work is just simply about the joy of being in sync with the nature

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