Artist Mahwish Shaukat

I am a Fine Artist, and a teacher of Art and Design in Lahore, Pakistan. I received my degree in Bachelors of Fine Arts from Beaconhouse National University (BNU) Lahore. After graduation I participated in a few group shows exhibiting drawings, paintings and digital prints. I worked as a graphic designer for more than four years and have been involved in other activities such as illustrating children’s books. Recently I have returned to drawing and painting full time.

To You I Shall Return - The painting (self portrait) expresses one's relationship to the universe. How we are but just a small fragment of a much bigger picture. A piece of a giant puzzle. Our individual identity is only temporary, we will eventually fade into the nothingness.

My work is realistic and detailed. I draw inspiration from all that is around me and create surrealistic compositions, bending reality to my will. I love the freedom I have as an artist and that the only limit there is to the visuals I create is my imagination. Its a real joy to see how far I can push it. That exploration is an ongoing process and I believe that I've only just scratched the surface. I love experimenting with a variety of media and their potential. My latest drawings are all self portraits of sorts (though not necessarily showing my face) . Through a combination of organic forms and geometry, they express a journey towards self-discovery, making my way through the conflicts and/or harmony of conformity and freedom.

Untitled - This piece talks about finding a way to balance strict discipline and conformity with freedom in order to find peace and contentment.

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