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Artist Mirjam Siim

Mirjam Siim was born and raised in Tallinn, Estonia. She has a degree from Tartu Art College, Estonia, which included a year at the University of Porto, Portugal. She currently resides in Porto, working as a freelancer illustrator/artist, shifting between a range of creative tasks and projects.

For her art she gets inspiration from everyday life. Simple conversations, different situations and the thoughts and emotions that they provoke in her.

Since she became a mother, she is also strongly inspired by her daughter and while trying her best to educate this little person, she has grown more interest in human development and psychology in general.

The paintings shown here are part of a series that looks into the connections between our behaviour and our childhood. With these works she dives into distant memories and emotions and analyses the impact of different factors on her ways of being, and tries to apply that to a bigger scale. Some of the paintings are done together with her daughter, which makes the process more spontaneous and fluid and provokes even more ideas about the subject.

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