Artist Nayeem Kalam

Here Comes Boli....A minute or so ago he was there but after hearing his cousin (Umar) crying again, he comes up, only to find him being forced to sleep by his mother. I remember this situation very clearly. Muraad and Razia with Majed in the background. Rabia Rahman Lane, Chittagong.

I am not really a photographer, never had any formal education on photography, never read any books on it as well. Until this year I've never been to a photo exhibition.

I forced him to pose by our front door, the little man has been unbelievably patient recently. He was really thirsty and wanted to go upstairs to his mother for his water you see.... SOOC. Rabia Rahman Lane, Chittagong.

All I do is take pictures of my surroundings wherever I may be and it gives me such great pleasure which I simply cannot describe. And one more thing....I like a bit of entertainment.

A hijabi beauty at the 6th Photo Carnival there. SOOC. Asian University For Women, Chittagong.

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Indonesians again ! Umrah pilgrims. April 29, 12:34 am. — in Mecca, Saudi Arabia.

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