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Artist Paola Bazz

I am an Italian-born (padua) and UK-based (Manchester) artist. I create 2d and 3d collages using paper that has been previously employed elsewhere like magazines, leaflets, advertising materials etc. I use different techniques, from traditional analog collage to original and innovative ones, like my ‘strips collage’ or ‘concertinas collage’. My work explores the constant change of our identity.

I use printed-paper because it is one of the mediums through which advertising and consumption messages are spread. consumerism is degrading the stability of ecosystems, so the use of printed-paper is a way to emphasise the role that consumption has in the construction of our identity. we are what we buy and consumption functions as a way to create a sense of self. as fashion, our identities became disposable and like any product, it grows obsolete very quickly, in a

state of continuous flux.

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