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Artist Parisa Diba

A native of Iran, Parisa grew up outside of Tehran, surrounded by the natural beauty of streams and mountains and her family's orchards of walnuts, peaches, and cherries. She has always loved to paint, so at the age of 12, she was picking up dried mountain flowers, painting and selling them in neighborhood cafes and few years later she started making her own handmade postcards and selling them in gift shops.

Parisa began her interior design career in Tehran in 2002; in 2007, she took up a watercolor class recommended to her by an architect.  That's where she saw one of Sterling Edwards’s watercolor book and she was moved by the earthy tones and fluid landscapes, and she fell in love with the medium.

She moved to Turkey in 2013 and she met Hakan Esmer, a Turkish artist and former university professor, hoping to take some art lessons from him.  As he had no time to teach, he instead offered her to use his old studio and paint by herself. That was when Parisa found herself walking to an old building in the snow every day and painting for hours and hours.

In 2016, Parisa emigrated to United States, taking up residency in Orange County, California, where she started art school and she is now a contemporary dynamic watercolor artist inspired by ocean and water reflections.

Artist's statement:

I rarely paint something as it is, but rather I prefer to use my own sense of design and aesthetics.  I like you to see the world through my eyes, that’s why I paint.

I have my own style of painting which is highly blended and incorporates movements of water. I blend the colors, and finish nearly all of the painting with only one wash. Painting in a single wash requires a very quick and well-planned process, where one needs to expect the nuances of the paint and colors as they are laid down, before they have a chance to dry. 

The beauty of oceans and their ethereal life inspires me. I am obsessed with minimal, fluid art, and I’m always thinking about my next painting, and hope my work brings peace in your enjoyment.  

The Mystery Of Ocean collection is an abstract version of oceans and underwater life. To me, the marine life is very calming & soothing, I hope it will bring some peace to your environment as well.

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