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Artist Pear Dropy

Updated: Jan 17

A defining moment in a life. A lone river frozen in time. An only love. And mountains worn smooth by the years. The way things were, are, and will be. I seek to capture these fleeting moments in my art. Driven by a perpetual quest to unravel perception's mysteries, I navigate the world through art and lens. I create hyperreal scenes that blur perceived lines. Yet these imagined moments ring true emotionally.

My images explore light and colour to recreate unique instances outside the normal flow. The feeling of a song. The ums and ahs of language. A lover's sole ode to their one soulmate. Moments that could vanish in a blink, yet glow with poignancy. I aim to reawaken wonder in the viewer and invite them to find the extraordinary in everyday moments. To appreciate life's fragile beauty. To bring them into the present — where the most fleeting moments are often the most meaningful.

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