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Artist Peim van der Sloot

Peim van der Sloot (NL) grew up in Argentina and returned to the Netherlands to graduate at the Academy of the Arts in Utrecht in 2010. Working in the lively niches in between visual arts, design and performance resulted in collaborations with designers Stefan Sagmeister and Jessica Walsh among others. Through a range of graphic techniques including sticker-collages and silkscreen he developed an instant recognisable style focusing on the relationship between shapes, colors and how they effect our retina.

The economical value of his works play an important role in the concept and the making process. He questions the assumptions on which our economy is based on, but also his artistic practice, constantly challenging both. His projects has been exhibited in different galleries and musea around the world, including Kunsthal (NL), Kapitaal (NL), Tanec Praha (CZ), Amsterdams Grafisch Atelier (NL), B#S Gallery (IT), Ship of Fools (NL), Alfred ve dvore (CZ), Arti et Amicitiae (NL) and MIADA (CN). And published in different mediums including Chongqing Daily, People of Print, NRC Next, Fontanel Magazine, Stichting Print, Algemeen Dagblad and Heads Magazine.  

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