Artist Remy Francis

Remy Francis is a fine artist with versatile styles from being originally a realistic contemporary artist. She has over 20 years of practice in the art arena and is also an accomplished digital artist, animator and Creative Director. Her fine art themes are commissioned, experimental and personal work drawn from her own life passions and experiences. Her abstracts stem from a realistic style and are still evolving. 

Jersey City neighbourhood 2011 Watercolour on Indian handmade paper - This painting brings back memories from the artist’s own life during her working days in the United States, the day she moved into her new apartment in Jersey City on No. 3 East Street, wearing her heavy Bloomingdale's winter Coat stepping out of a Lincoln Sedan assited assisted by a very helpful Italian steward driving her on a cab ride from the Long Island airport to New Jersey, a 100 mile drive in a post-Christmas season.

Her specializations in traditional painting are in oils, watercolour and drawing. In Digital art she uses Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator with graphic tablets, styluses, and also the mouse and touchpad as she started drawing on the computer before lightens even came into the industry, in animation she uses Autodesk and Adobe products. Her academic qualification is into mathematics and management, both complimenting her current offerings into consultancy, entrepreneurship, training in the creatives. Her many professional certificates are from New York University and other renowned NYC design colleges.

Autumn in New York 2015 Watercolour on Indian handmade paper - This Autumn scene is from almost experiencing the artist’s first autumn in New York when she saw the first of it and moved to Cleveland on work. This was her first classic autumn, experiencing the 4 seasons for the first time in her life. This piece was to register her memories.

Her work and volunteering track record starts from 1992 in USA, India and Dubai into production, training working with local and global corporates and individuals. 

Surveillance 2014 Watercolour on Canson handmade paper - This desert scene is a reminder of civil unrest happening in the middle-eastern countries where citizens need to be watchful of invaders and surveillance aircrafts are a common scene, The artist made this piece for her passion painting the texture of the rusted remains of an abandoned car.

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