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Artist Riccardo Matlakas

I am multidisciplinary artist working across several media such as performance, installation, sculpture, painting and media. As I have been working internationally in the past years I find an anthropological essence in what I do and a great connection with each context i work and research in. My current work focuses on the deconstruction of dogmas, questioning the existence of how we live in our society. I re-create departure platforms for new ways of thinking.

My work relies on intuition and flexibility adapting itself in every situation, that also when I decide to use a certain media in a particular project, I tend to go for the most communicative and and more direct way to touch the audience/viewer. As I believe us as human beings are just at the start of unfolding our true potential, I use my work as a tool to envision how would be the world with a different and positive state of mind. With my performance work i like working directly in urban spaces so to connect directly with locals and the community, documenting and reporting the action that took place in urban spaces into a gallery set-up, through, video, photos, relics and installation.

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