Artist Ryan Newberry


I grew up in the New England region of the United States so my introduction to anything artistic was through movies and cartoons. Growing up I would draw while watching some of my favorite animated movies. It always amazed me that artists and actors were responsible for the creation of these characters and stories that audiences have become so attached to. This love for movies and animation commonly show up in my artwork through reference or the stylistic way I handle depicting the scene.


I graduated from the Hartford Art School in 2019 with my BFA in Painting and Drawing. My work currently consists of a mix between traditional and digital mediums. My paintings often evoke a sense of mystery as the figures appear in situations with ambiguous surroundings. By working with figures my art has a way to convey a narrative or relate to the viewer. My digital artwork goes back to the influence animation has had on my art in the way that I simplify figures into lines and shapes. Most of my artwork appears in the landscape formation to evoke the cinematic experience of viewing a scene. As for color in my work, I typically use vibrant colors to entice and focus attention around the compositions I create.


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