‘Well Hello’ - photo print on aluminium, 2020

I am a mid-career visual artist based in London. I started my practice over twenty five

years ago creating site specific public art installations, engaging local communities with the belief that art has the power to bridge divides within society. The creative process is still all about making connections for me, within my practice as an artist facilitator, as well as a collaborator and sculptor. Accessibility lies at the heart of my work, incorporating found objects and materials, using low tech methods of construction to create abstract

assemblages that reference domestic and architectural space.

‘Insula’ - photo print on aluminium, 2020

My mixed media work combines a rhythmical, systematic design and geometric structure with softer, flexible elements that take shape more organically. I am led primarily by an intuitive response to these contrasting or opposing materials, leading to often unexpected outcomes. These playful interactions, surprising and yet familiar, seek to create a sense of balance and tension, building dynamic connections between materials and the surrounding space, animated through the use of colour, light and shadow.

‘Shout Out’ - photo print on aluminium, 2021

Previous projects have included commissions for Amnesty International, Conran Restaurants and the deaf blind charity, Sense, exhibiting interactive sculpture at the Hannah Peschar Sculpture Garden, and collaborative, site specific artwork at the Southbank’s Royal Festival Hall.

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