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Artist Simone Monney

Simone was born in Zurich (Switzerland) and now lives near Geneva.

Since 2006, following the birth of her daughter, Simone has felt the need to give free rein to her creativity through painting. She left her job as a graphic designer in the world of

perfumery to devote herself entirely to her career as a painter, which got off to a flying start!

Simone is a self-taught artist, constantly on the look-out for new techniques and supports.

Her painting style is principally one of lyrical abstraction. Her swift gestures, guided by

music, are the basis of all her creations. When Simone is in front of the canvas, she escapes; she feels connected to the Universe. She particularly likes to work on large formats because they allow great freedom of movement; grand gestures...

The first coats are applied using black and coloured Indian ink, which is sometimes diluted to obtain the desired transparency and depth.

Simone plays with shapes using brushes and knives, then incorporates rice paper she orders from Asia to create the basis of her creations. She then loves to use strong colours to give this contrast between strength and softness.

A soft and serene feeling emanates from her creations, all of which have a great strength.

Through exhibitions in Miami, New York, Dubai, Singapore, Rome, Madrid and more,

Simone's talent has met with growing success to the point that her works are now exhibited in a number of galleries around the world.

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