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Artist Sophie Armelle

I am a multidisciplinary French artist, singer songwriter and performer. I started very early classical and contemporary dance in conservatory. The rhythmic and musical approach goes initially by the dance I found there a real space of freedom and expression.

I turned towards writing, music and singing, going through my aspirations for the world of the image and the medium of photography that I use with delight to sublimate emotions.

I love writing in French and English and for over 15 years I have been working on different artistic music projects, and I had the good fortune to perform in France, Italy, England, Belgium ..and one of my dream is to discover Asia!

Today I have a repertoire of dozens of texts, most of them in melody and music, my wish being to spread Peace, Hope and Joy through my productions. It'I also these reasons that pushed me to work with ONG, to contribute to Social Peace.

Of Parisian culture, I have the International soul of my parents married in Casablanca and all my family who lived in Africa and I am attached to America as to Asia by relatives that I like who there are installed and for some who are from.

I define my productions, music and photo creations by what I live every day and by all the inspirations that I draw from my deeply rooted influences in Pop, and rocked by rich musical styles from Rock to Classics, from Electro to Trip Hop and I take a particular interest in Sound Research, the integral part of my work. I try to push the boundaries of my productions music by incorporating art, literature and films to create a new poetic format, on a romantic approach.

My wish is to produce and make videos of my works, the world of the Audiovisual, the Cinema and the Filmmaking, attract me enormously, just like the Photography.

These are big projects that I intend to achieve.

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