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Tony Zaza taught himself how to draw on rainy days in Hoboken, New Jersey when it was still a rough and tumble town of dockworkers and assembly line laborers. He studied painting, photography, printmaking, and graphic design at the School of Visual Arts and the New School during an era when it was embarrassing to admit one had artistic tendencies and Max’s Kansas City was still unknown.

After a long hiatus in which he was principally engaged in the movie business and photography, he turned to writing and public service. He has recently re-invented his art sensibilities with hundreds of drawings of New York and Paris cafés . He continues to explore his 5000 B & W Infrared negatives and is using the New Polaroid to revitalize a vintage idiom. He is painting photos and creating unfinished watercolor portraits of present day saints and sinners. The Sunprint series is a re-invention of 1830s cyanotype printing. SpiritScapes are Polaroid enlargements.

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