Artist Xabier Anunzibai

Oroitzapenak / Memories Studio piece based on a wallpainting. I used the same elements of the wallpainting to create a different composition. Acrylic on wood and methacrylate composition. 31x310cm 2018

I develop my artistic practice both in the studio as outside, either making paintings, murals, installations or small animations. I like painting and building with my hands since I can remember. I enjoy experimenting and trying ideas, without getting too comfortable in the same line of work.

Aldaerak V / Variations V Part of a serie of 5. Same image, different outcomes. Acrylic on wood and methacrylate composition. 20x20cm 2017

Short sentences and single words are recurrent in my work, reflections that I have in the day to day. In summary, my work is an attempt to unite different ideas, materials and techniques.

Untzirik gabeko marinelak, urari zion beldur / The sailor with no boat was afraid of the sea. Acrylic on wood, paper and methacrylate composition. 73x61cm 2011

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