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Artist Zhanna Yuryeva

I am Zhanna Yuryeva and I am an artist from Belarus.

My love for fine arts began in early childhood. I painted all day long every day.

I love art so much that I decided to make it the main direction in my life. I graduated from the art department of design at the university and combine 3D development and portrait painting in my life. It would seem that these are completely different directions, but I like each direction in its own way.

People are my inspiration. We are all very interesting creatures. In the depths of our souls are hidden our emotions - joy, anger, sadness .. But all these emotions will show our face, our eyes. I am looking for individuality and character in every person. Every person on earth is beautiful in their own way, and I want to show this in my works. Portrait is one of my favorite forms of expression. I want my audience to treat my work as meeting these people. I want people to think when looking at one of the portraits, but who is this person, what does he think, what does he feel? I love creating images that tell a story. My motivation is to find new faces. This allows me to be always on the move.

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Barbara Ann Cohen
Barbara Ann Cohen
May 02, 2021


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