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Autism Happy Kingdom

Thomais V. Moshopoulos was born in Athens, Greece in 2008. She was developing like any other kid but at 36 months she had a massive regression and autism became a part of her life. She loves dinosaurs, whales and at times she believes she’s an encyclopedia and loves to share what she’s learned. Thomais learned to read this year and is beyond thrilled with the greater discoveries she’s making, writing and illustrating her own book for starters.

"Children, diagnosis or not, need to be urged to experience life in all its forms. Expressing emotions - all kinds, when felt, as they are felt - is vital to build a solid foundation that will have meaningful repercussions in their adult life. Understanding and acknowledging the definition of emotion is key - instinctive or intuitive feeling as distinguished from reasoning or knowledge - because children are pure instinct and their emotions must not be suppressed. Writing and art, in all its forms, are excellent ways to encourage the expression of emotions." - read our interview in The Crazy Mind magazine

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