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Award winning artist Diamante Lavendar

Diamante Lavendar is an award winning artist. She has three published books (all which have won awards) with another book that will be published in early 2019. She also has an art site where she uploads all of her work. Diamante has won numerous awards for her art, including winning in the American Art Awards last year and this year for her photography and digital art.

"Art is who I am. In every form of which I create. I can't live apart from art/writing/music. It's always been something I've done since I was a child. I wouldn't want to choose another profession unless it would be that of counseling or helping other people with their life journeys which is what I do at my day job. So I guess I've been put where spirit wants me as I've progressed in living. I learned through hardship where I need to be and what I need to do." - read our interview with Diamante Lavendar in The Crazy Mind magazine.

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