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Award-winning journalist and artist Natalia Dagenhart

Natalia Dagenhart is an award-winning independent writer and artist from Naperville, Illinois. She writes about cultural and social events happening in the Chicago area and in the world. Natalia received the Journalist of the Year 2018 Award from Congressman Danny K. Davis on October 28, 2018. Her brand, "Articles by Natalia Dagenhart," will celebrate its anniversary on November 11, 2018.

"My slogan is "Combining a personable style of writing and great care to details." I write from my heart, yet I am very detail-oriented. Each story I treat individually and believe that a writer has to be honest, objective and sincere. I love writing and can't imagine my life without it. Writing comes naturally to me. I do a lot of research and take every story personally. I don't rush when I write, so I devote a great amount of time and attention to every article and find things that will help me to introduce the subject and/or person in the best possible way." - read our interview with Natalia Dagenhart in The Crazy Mind magazine

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