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Carefree, Like Me! Chapter 2 - A Children's Adventure!

Back in 2017 I wrote, illustrated, and published my first children's picture book entitled Carefree, Like Me! - Chapter 1: Root the Brave.  It started with a passion for telling diverse stories, and a desire to spread a message about: the importance of empathy, embracing our emotional lives, and the beauty in our differences.  Little did I know, that one book would spawn an adventure and a movement I could never have dreamed of. Since that book's launch, it has: won the 2017 Best Indie Book Award in the Children's category, it's been featured on News 12 New Jersey with Della Crews, in my local newspaper, on Princeton TV, and my book has even been picked up by Barnes and Noble retail stores, as well as Wal-Mart, and Amazon as well! As a self-published author, this is all a huge honor!  It's been getting fantastic feedback across the board I even presented my work at the historic Amalgam Comics; the only comic book store run by a black woman on the East Coast. It's all so incredible.

It's now time to continue this narrative adventure with Chapter 2 of the Series, and I would love your assistance in getting this made! The series began with Amir and Neena getting pulled accidentally into the spirit world.  They quickly realized that the only way back home was to use their emotional intelligence to balance a whole new world and some newfound heroes who each represent a different: emotional imbalance, chakra, and historical civilization. In that book, the kids met King Root and helped him overcome his fears. In this new book, they meet Sacra an abundance goddess who has lost her joy and her ability to create the wind, water, and trees.  Her once lush rainforest home is now a desert, and the kids are now tasked with helping her find her joy once more while bringing life back to this realm.

Whereas the first book dealt with fear, this book addresses: sadness, feeling blue, and the importance of our friends in helping to remedy that. It teaches children about the importance of our community in healing us, but it does ​so in a way that is fun and approachable. It also introduces children to the incredible Aztecs, who I've loved learning about and researching.

This whole book series project has been one of love and community, and because of folks like you I've been able to reach hundreds of people who need this message of empathy and kindness.  Even if you can't donate, please do share this with like-minded spirits or just send over some good juju! Check out the Kickstarter link here

Rashad Malik Davis

Illustrator~Author~Character Designer

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