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Children’s book author and illustrator Inger Brown

My name is Inger Brown I am a children's writer an illustrator my first picture book was published in July 2017 called The Bobbling and The Flood.  I love writing and illustrating for children I like the fact that there is so much you can do, you can go anywhere and be anyone in a picture book that is the feeling I had as child and one I wish to give back. This is just my first story but The Bobbling has many more stories to go, I have a second book finished and I am working on several other stories and ideas for him with lots of characters. 

I like using watercolour paints, pens and pencils I do not do digital painting. I like the feel of a brush in your hand and I like the excitement of using  paints, the movement and that anything can happen or be created. When you are  messy and elbow deep in paint you can create and become free. 

I am inspired by nature, animals and the seasons, each season brings something new and inspires you to look at nature , what you are drawing and your paint pallet in a new way. Animals always inspire my characters I like having cute, crazy little critters in my stories to help Bobbling on his way.

The Blurb from the Book:

Bobbling Poodle Doodle sat at home while it rained, and rained, and rained. In fact, it rained so much that it flooded his house, and his garden, and all the land around! As far as Bobbling could see, the water stretched over the ground. Bobbling decided something had to be done, so he set off in his umbrella to search...... he was searching for the plug hole.

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