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Choreographer and Movement Director Rose Alice

Rose Alice is a Rogue Ballerina, Choreographer and Movement Director. She is based in London but is creating a documentary series in New York on the life of artists and the creative process, which will conclude with a live show at the United Palace Theatre in Manhattan.

From performing arts to the documentary director, what do you think are your greatest strengths/talents?

I think this transition is more of an evolution than anything else. I have dedicated more than two decades to this intoxicatingly beautiful art form and I have had the pleasure of working with some of the most remarkable creatives around the world on both stage and film so to have the vision to pull together every piece of soul, heart, trauma, love and inspiration to create this series seems quite natural and necessary in growing as an artist, sharing my craft with the world on an even larger scale and touching as many hearts as possible. I have so much to share from the deepest parts of me and do use this project to shed light on aspects of the industry that need to change in the most forceful but gentle way and to help elevate every creative involved so they feel seen, nurtured, appreciated and like that can do anything is a humbling gift that only comes from multiple years of trial and error as both a human being and as an artist. I truly believe my greatest strength is the ability to give power to those around me to explore their vulnerability and therefore be shamelessly original and authentic.

What is your Ars Poetica as an artist? How is it reflected in your dance performance?

Fuelled completely by emotion and soul, limitless and unapologetically true.

It is sometimes a blessing and a curse to feel so deeply but as a performer, I don’t think you can ever give too much. I am “all in” by nature, and try to be as uncomfortable and vulnerable as possible so that I can take an audience on an emotional adventure with my every time I have the privilege of performing. I don’t believe there is any right or wrong way to connect with people but I do believe that if your medium is any kind of art form being shamelessly YOU is a crucial component in leaving your mark on as many people as possible in the most beautiful sometimes subtle way.

You are working on your documentary series in New York currently. Tell us more about this project.

This project is my life work my masterpiece right now my EVERYTHING.

I swore that the next thing I created would be something timeless, something that would out live me any many after me. I am risking a lot and sacrificing more to make sure this beautiful body of work comes to life. There is a lot of elements in the entertainment industry that are dated and need changing, there is also a human element to the difficulty of the craft itself but most importantly there is a reason I and so many cannot go more than 24 hours without it. I want to show the true lives of artists and what is takes to live this life all whilst creating a live show which will be the final episode. To show the blood, sweat, tears and most importantly the beauty, reward, elation and euphoria from conception to final bow is my life mission. London is my home, New York is my inspiration and without both cities and there eclectic, contagious ways the entertainment industry wouldn’t be what it is today. This series is to blow hearts and minds as well as hopefully started as many conversations as possible about the necessity and value of artists.

What inspired you to share the experience of artists in a documentary film?

I have experienced and collaborated with artists all over the world, and it is a beautiful thing to feel like every single one I have encountered has imprinted a little part of their magic on me, this is why this is fuel this is worth it all. There is a human side to artists that often gets overlooked, we are not valued in the same way as other professions, yet without us oh how bland life would be. To give a platform to the artists involved to share their voices, their truth and to showcase the contagiously beautiful way in which we live regardless of the day to day struggles is something that needs to go beyond a one off performance, it needs to be captured on film and seen by/accessible to every human on this planet. I have always had an issue with ego and the elitist nature of this industry because actually if it is part of your identity and you are doing it for the purest reasons with an unwavering moral compass and integrity none of that is necessary. I want to change the way people view and value artists and created a breathtaking original body of work that is timeless and drenched in soul.

Performing, doing art, and reporting about it behind the lenses represent very different points of view. What new experiences this journey brought to you?

You could fill a book with what I don’t know about filmmaking and that excites me more than I can possibly express. I am very willing to delegate and TRUST whoever is involved in this project so that each individual department can thrive, feel respect, empowerment and creatively free so we can bring to life the best possible product. We are still in early days but the beauty of having an irreplaceable team around me means that fir the first time in a really long time I can focus on the creation of my craft above all else. This in itself will be the biggest reward from all of the grind and hustle in the lead up to production.

What are your plans? Where will we see you more in the future? On the stage or behind a camera?

I would love nothing more than to continue making poignant, thought provoking work on film and stage. I want to be free to do it all over the world more than ever so I can touch as many people as possible with this art form. I think I will be in front and behind the camera simultaneously for along time yet but what is quite inspiring about where things are at the moment is that there is no limit to any of it and I feel ready to roll with any changes and see where it all takes me. This really is only the beginning.

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