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Cinematographer Jose Andres Solorzano

It’s a scary thing to focus your life on a career, finish your studies, and then enter the professional world. When you’re involved in the creative arts it’s perhaps even more intimidating as there is no direct path to success and even at the highest levels of the field there is no security. Many artists make the joke that even after their greatest creations they are unemployed until their next success…which of course finds them immediately unemployed again. When cinematographer Jose Andres Solorzano finished his tutelage at the prestigious AFI in Los Angeles he found himself quickly on the set of famed singer Jaycob Duque’s latest music video “Mal de Amores” as DP for noted director Harold Ortiz. This video became a massive success online and was seen as reinvigorating to Duque’s career. Several factors contributed to the exceptional results of this shoot, not the least of which was the enthusiasm Solorzano contributed as a means of exhibiting his abilities and contributions on this venture. Duque’s fans had been awaiting new music, his costar was the most recent winner of “Colombia’s Next Top model”, and the team of Solorzano and Ortiz were adamant about bringing something visually striking and endearing to the video. - read the full article in The Crazy Mind magazine

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