Cinematographer Will Campbell

Will Campbell makes his living as a commercial director and cinematographer in Western Colorado. Back in 2013, Will's first filmmaking camera was actually a Sony mirrorless stills camera that happened to have some video features. Over the next several years Will filmed commercial projects on weekdays and photographed on the weekends, developing the two skills concurrently. Photography was a passion before it was a business. It still is.

Monument Valley on the border of Utah and Arizona is magnificent, but my favorite images ended up being of Agathla Peak just outside of Kayenta, AZ, a castle-like rock that I had pulled over and photographed on my way to Monument Valley that morning.

Will's current photography project explores the natural architecture of the American West. The series abandons horizon to focus on the contrast between rock and sky. Ancient Greek stories of war between giants and gods inspired the name, "Gigantomachia".

Arches National Park is where this particular series began for me in 2014. In 2018 I returned with a self-imposed challenge to create good images of the famous Double Arch rock formation. It's an awesome sight to behold, but weirdly difficult to photograph and I had never seen an image of that particular arch that I liked. After the shoot, I hated most of my images but I did succeed at getting a couple good ones.

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