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Collage artist Anna Ulyanova

Updated: Oct 22, 2023

Heart of Steal - Anna Ulyanova
Heart of Steal

«Collage artists are astronauts on a never-ending journey into an interstellar empire of boundless imagination» Dennis Busch

When I started taking photographs, I was drawn to the possibility of adding meaning and texture to a captured image. My personal expansion of frames, boundaries and horizons - almost anything can become a collage: any technique, any tool. It's like a Polaroid - you're never quite sure of the outcome.

In my collages there are no random parts. Each artefact is a development and an extension of the theme of the work.

Fragile - Anna Ulyanova

And when the world is facing instability and crisis, what can we do? Take the most beloved parts of our lives and bring them together, avoiding compromise. And then get a perfect copy of life. I think the only thing we can do is to cut, tear and break and then sign, sew, glue and unite.

You Deserve It - Anna Ulyanova
You Deserve It

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