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Concept designer Simone De Salvatore

''Narrative spaces, places that don't need words to tell a story, they require just a glimpse and suddenly you're in. With this goal in mind, Simo started dreaming of a life path where he could create different worlds to inhabit every day, and he wanted to do that in films. After graduating in Cinema and Media Engineering in Italy, he learned on his own how to draw and paint. With a decent portfolio in his hands he then won a Master and with a travelling scholarship he moved to Hollywood. What he thought was the final destination instead became the first step - he attended the Gnomon School of Visual Effects and kept enriching his collection of works by specializing in Matte Painting, the art behind those worlds and landscapes that we see in films which makes us wonder whether we're being fooled by reality or an artist's brush.

Two years of hard work and self-teaching landed him his first job as a Matte Painter in the motion picture industry, so he left California and moved to Munich. He fell in love with Europe again and decided to stay, working also in Hamburg, Stuttgart, London and Berlin. With his surprise, Hollywood kept presenting itself in the years that followed, giving him the opportunities of a lifetime full of creative dreams. His works can be found in The Grand Budapest Hotel, which led to winning an Oscar for Best Production Design in 2015, Game of Thrones, Cloud Atlas, Ridley Scott's Exodus: Gods and Kings, Snowpiercer, Captain Marvel, Lost in Space and more. These days he's writing and illustrating his own series of fantasy novels.''

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