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"A year here and he still dreamed of cyberspace, hope fading nightly."

— William Gibson, Neuromancer

CONSOLE COWBOY is a hypnotic collection of post-photography cowboys inspired by William Gibson's groundbreaking cyberpunk novel ‘Neuromancer.’ The term "Console Cowboy" symbolizes futuristic computer hackers navigating cyberspace via neural input peripherals and software. These cowboys shed the confines of their physical selves to manifest new digital identities, mirroring the Wild West ideology of renegades embracing a new frontier.

The creation process for the CONSOLE COWBOY collection amalgamates human creativity with computational power. Utilizing artificial intelligence, imagery is generated from the artist’s imagination and inputted into a text field as engineered prompt direction. These prompts act as textual sculptures composed of descriptive words and phrases, employing AI image processing to generate entirely novel images.


Through this collaborative interaction between human imagination and computational algorithms, desired images evolve dynamically. As each cowboy is brought to life through text and image data inputs, they are further refined with animation, texturing, and coloring during post-production. This process embodies the concept of organic user information and is depicted as fluid frequency wave distortion emanating from the main subjects.

The imagery captures their enigmatic aura, portraying solitary cowboys on horseback or standing resolutely, gazing directly at the viewer or toward distant landscapes. The compositions evoke a sense of uncanniness and attempt to prompt viewers to confront their understanding of consciousness and the concept of a soul within the iconic cowboy figure, existing purely as a digital manifestation absent from the material world.

Moreover, the CONSOLE COWBOY collection explores the concept of duality, epitomized by the inverted manifestation of human imagery. Unlike traditional photography, where images are captured and digitized, CONSOLE COWBOYS originate within the digital realm, highlighting the multifaceted nature of identity within and beyond cyberspace.


Jason Scuderi (LASERGUN FACTORY) is a multidisciplinary artist, designer, and director based in Tokyo. He is formerly a Creative/Art Director who has collaborated with globally recognized brands including; Reebok, Nike, Mikimoto, Chanel, Mitsubishi, Nissan, and NBA gaining accolades from Graphis, GDUSA, and shown work in multiple film festivals.

As LASERGUN FACTORY his work can be found on SuperRare, ATO Platform, MakersPlace, Known Origin, and Foundation.

He has been a guest speaker and artist at various exhibits including; BOMA Artist Cafe, NFTxTOKYO, The Great Reset /Small Reboots exhibition in Yokohama, SuperChief global Glitch-art exhibits, NOX gallery Tokyo, FU:BAR, CAWA Japan, Neuhaus, and Ether Gallery.

Jason Scuderi
Jason Scuderi

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