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Contemporary artist Ivan (ROMANHO) Cid


Digital Vector Graphic Work

I am a Chilean contemporary artist living and working in Dallas, Tx. I started to paint in 2001 after leaving my career as a TV Producer at Telemundo. My work is based on acrylic mix media on specially treated newsprint paper. I invented a technique after looking "The Fayun Portraits",with my technique I make the newsprint paper gets the texture like "leather or papyrus" which gives a distinctive look and texture to the entire composition.

Colonial Vase Acrylic Mix Media 24x30 inches

In my second year of working with this technique I started to present my work in art galleries in Dallas, Tx. In my digital artwork I found the cubist/futurist dimensions , but going one step further, adding modern portraiture. And not traditional portraiture but photo stylism.

Hotel  Montparnasse, Paris,

acrylic mix media, 24x30 inches.

I 've taken my work into a unique dimension, not just making the characters jump off the page but combine two dimensions cubism with three dimension photo portraiture with the flat canvas.

Marylyn Monroe Vector Graphic Digital Work.

The color reinforces how the portrait sticks to the canvas and holds the image in time. Art Galleries in Dallas had shown my work and celebrities and Corporates collect them. - Romanho

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