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Contemporary artist Maurizio D'Andrea

My creative work spans various artistic fields such as painting, digital graphics, sculpture, generative art, photography and video art. My creativity is expressed through an energy that has its roots in the subconscious. It animates all my creations. My pictorial works arise from the need to give form to private emotional images and are interpretations whose symbolic content is in continuous dialogue between the conscious and the subconscious mind. They are acrylic compositions, both geometric-abstract and lyrical, marked by vivid, powerful colours and by a movement that penetrates the observer's soul. I analyse, investigate, delve into my inner self in search of new solutions and new techniques.

My creativity is also unleashed through digital graphics and the use of the PC as a tool. My art generates a constantly changing universe, because art always follows the course of time. My digital works express the power of colour, the energy of movement and investigate themes such as silence and women's struggle for emancipation. They are landscapes of the soul and fantastic representations. I also use very special techniques, such as code writing and artificial intelligence, in order to produce unique works.

I love special photos that capture the moment and represent different moods. I have made several sculptures and artistic videos depicting my inner world.

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