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Contemporary artist Michiel Folkers

I am Michiel Folkers. Calling my self a contemporary artist. Living on the countryside next to Amsterdam, working in my studio in the centre of Amsterdam where I find my medium on the street. In most cases old street posters collected form the walls. Finding the right color can be difficult, but always satisfying when I develop new combinations out of nowhere.

My professional career started 6 years ago. When I saw work form Raymond Hains. I went on the streets right away and pulled posters like a maniac and made 4 portraits of Carla Bruni. When I sold all the pieces that same day and got a personal reaction of Carla herself, I knew I did something good. Before my professional career in art I was working as an allround creative at advertisement agencies. Before that I was doing graffiti on the streets. All the experiences from the past can be seen in my art today. My motivation in life is only doing things that I want to do. Making art takes the biggest part of that.

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