Contemporary artist Thia Path

Le gros chat – Il grande gatto Mixmedia on canvas 120x80 cm 2020

If for Andrea Benelli, an extraordinary, virtuous, expressive and enthralling pianist and composer, the definition of "painter of sounds" was coined, by analogy, one could define Thia Path "musician of colors".

Colors that weave infinite chromatic textures, which sing about existence in its multiple experiential, emotional, sentimental dimensions, and, for the most part in the coloring of joy, the pleasure of living, the ecstasy that few know how to draw from small things, from the slightest daily events. And the inner child of Thia guided her to find the true expressive dimension of herself: in a moment and in the eternal present she gave voice and sound and song to the fullness of the joy of existing, even when it goes through dark and dark themes and characters, shadow figures generally redeemed from the use, instead of grays and blacks, of purple, the color of spirituality.

Eclipse Mixmedia on canvas 100x130 cm 2020

Argentina of origin, Thia Path studied painting and sculpture since childhood, at School of Arts and with other Argentinian masters. In 1986 she graduated in Architecture and some years later she moved to Rome, where she works as an architect and university teacher. From 2012 she settled in Piacenza and in 2016 her passion for painting and color exploded, showing all its power. Her works are present in the most important international online art galleries and in various private collections in the USA, China, Chile, Sweden, England, Argentina and Italy. She has exhibited her works in Paris, Venice, Milan and Piacenza.

After Lockdown Mixmedia on canvas 80x120 cm 2020

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