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Creative duo Nastplas

Nastplas are an international creative duo based in Madrid, Spain and formed in 2006 by illustrator Fran R. Learte 'drFranken' and creative director Natalia Molinos 'Na' (together 'Nastplas Team'). Their work combines an impressive range of digital elements and abstract patterns with which they develop elaborate pieces of art with a deeply aesthetic.

We have worked with clients such as Pernod Ricard, Tried & True, Apple, Nexus Studios, Dynaudio, Orbit Red, Utrecht University, David Solano, Universal Music, Sports Illustrated, HarperCollins Publishers, McCann Worldgroup Melbourne, The University Of Melbourne, Macmillan Publishers, Red Bull, Nike, KUUP, Independentistanbul, New Scientist, Karl Wolf, Burda Creative Group, Allianz, Coca-Cola, McCann Worldgroup Spain, Airtran Airways, Story Worldwide, Lexus, Lindsay Adler, Trazos (School of Arts), etc.


We have recreated different paint strokes simulating the way in which the path moves in a three-dimensional space applying different movements to give more realism.

Each stroke has been modeled in 3d and integrated into the space according to its shape and movement in conjunction with other elements of basic geometry like spheres and cubes that form delicate abstract pictorial compositions.

The colors have been carefully selected as well as the lighting conditions and the porous textures of the strokes to express a greater internal dynamism of the matter and a greater sensuality.

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Román Fleischen
Román Fleischen
Sep 29, 2019

Amazing work


Sep 26, 2019

Explosif work, la classe!

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