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Custom Mosaic Creations

Please take time to read this love story. Jacquline found the love of her life with a caring wonderful man named Art! The love they had for each other is so unique. You see Art planned a special trip to Paris so he could propose to his lover. He would come home with hugs and kisses and often brought her flowers. He also had an appreciation for the art world! He collected Starbucks artistic coffee mugs, over a hundred and thirty of them!

One sad day Art left this world way too soon, leaving the love of his life devastated. Jacquline wanted to do something special with the mugs. That is where I come in! I used 30 of the coffee mugs to created their love story into a mosaic kitchen backsplash. The mosaic shows the Eiffel Tower where Art proposed, Art always held her hand in public, surprised Jacquline with flowers, and always had his coffee cup. This is the sweetest love story that I have turned into a mosaic. - Mosaic artist Elizabeth Bustamante.

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