Dartmoor and Landscape photographer Neil Porter

Neil is a Dartmoor and Landscape photographer who is based in South West Devon and he produces beautiful, professional photographs of the highest quality.

Poppy Panoramic - I had got a tip off from a friend that there was a field full of poppies in the South Hams. So we set off to see if we could find them. Luckily we did as the view from the field was lovely. We also got lucky with a lovely sunset to compliment the scene.

To achieve this, he capture's his photographs using the best possible light available whilst using the highest of quality optics. Neil has always had a passion for Dartmoor and this is what inspired him to become a photographer.

In 2009, Neil bought his very first DSLR and began teaching himself photography. He gained his knowledge purely from reading magazines and reading photography books to which he put into practice whilst out with his camera. 

In 2011, Neil started taking his photography seriously and since then he has had his photographs published in various national magazines, newspapers and websites.

Puffin - I had wanted to photograph some Puffins for a long time and made the trip to Skomer Island off the South coast of Wales. The wildlife trust are very strict on what you can and canot do and for good reason, I couldnt believe how fearless thes cute little birds are!

Neil prefers to capture his photographs at either end of the day when the sun is low in the sky as this produces rich colours and brings all the details in the landscape alive.

Bovey Tracey - December 2017 we saw a lot of mist here in South Devon so once again I was up early and had set out before work to shoot it. I met up with a friend and first visited a location we have been planning to shoot but decided there wasn't enough mist for the shot in mind. So we headed back to some local hills to shoot the town Bovey Tracey in the mist.

More info:

Website - www.neilporterphotography.com

Facebook - www.facebook.com/neilporterphotography

Flickr - www.flickr.com/photos/neilporter

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