Designer Ivo Oliveira Rodrigues

ø51 Set of versatile desk containers made of plastic bases that fit into steel tubes and allow you to organize different kinds of objects. The bases have different inner shapes and can be used independent of steel cylinders, adapting to multiple purposes like store small objects or to put water for painting. This set also has a lamp that comes with a short container to store small objects (such as pioneses, elastics, clips ...) and a high container for storing writing objects.

Ivo Oliveira Rodrigues (1988) Lisboa, Portugal

Graduated in Product Design at the Faculty of Fine Arts of University of Lisbon in 2012. He began his career by collaborating with Designer Raul Cunca and later with Designer Miguel Vieira Baptista. At the same time he was co-founder of HIFENHIFEN - Handcrafted Goods, worked as creative director in orthopedic companies such as Mycinetics - Biomechanical Solutions and O-LAB - Ortopedia por Medida.

9,7L and 9,5L This project is a collection of two objects where standard black plastic buckets are reused in order to give them another life - a better life. Typically, these buckets are used for dirty tasks and end up having a short lifetime. With small and simple changes, these products earn a more dignified and longer life. 9,5L is a small table with storage in which is added a marble cover which provides the double function of covering the bucket and allowing objects to be placed on top. It also has a soft and comfortable handle that helps to carry and move the object. 9.7L is a hanger and a personal belongings holder. This object lives in the lobby and is always ready to receive and hold your jacket, keys, wallet, mobile phone....

In 2009 started a collection of objects that range from anonymous products to icons of industrial design. Between 2012 and 2017 he taught at ESART in Castelo Branco and currently at ESAD-CR in Caldas da Rainha. He also develops personal projects in different fields: product design, graphic design, illustration, photography…

A METRO This LED lamp is designed to be dynamic. To be handled and transported to any place. It consists of a wooden handle and a translucent flexible body that emits light. It is intended that the lamp is produced in the dimension that the customer need ... 300mm lamp.... 1000mm lamp.... 2000mm lamp ...

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