Designer Pedro Cézar

"Cangaceiro", my take on the banditism phenomenon of Northeast Brazil in the early 20th century called "cangaço". This peculiar brazilian outlaw stoled a portuguese harquebusier's armour and decided to turn it into his standard outfit.

Pedro Cézar is my name and I am a self-taught Brazilian illustrator and designer.

Born in the countryside, the rural landscape and abundant nature have always been the biggest fuels for my art. The old trees, the cultivated fields and the solitude of the remote regions from a very young age populate my mind and give form to the most varied artistic expressions.

"Acid spiders", set on some battlefield of World War II, this illustration was created under a slight dieselpunk influence.

Through digital illustration and a technique known as photobashing, the use of photorealistic textures and 3D modeling in the illustration process, my work is focused on creating environments and immersive scenes.

Although I am guided by my bucolic and, to a certain extent, misanthropic convictions, I never intended to create compositions that carried a certain message or specific agenda. I describe my art as a visual journey where the viewer will feel their own sensations once they are immersed in the environment that I created."

"Worried Men Going to War", ordinary men going to war while thinking about their families, friends and all the other precious things they might lose.

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