Designer Shalinder Matharu

Vancouver in the winter is grey. This piece was made to remind those who saw it that summer is coming! I used it an another opportunity to see how the transparent and translucent materials would interact in the bright light.

Shalinder Matharu is a freelance visual and motion artist based in Vancouver, Canada.

As a multi-disciplinary designer, Shalinder Matharu’s creative output focuses on capturing and portraying relationships between shape, form, texture and color. He is heavily influenced by light and shadow, often highlighting the organic nature of their movement and variation.

With this work I wanted to experiment with an interior scene and see how the variety of glass materials would interact with the light and against each other.

From abstracted works of motion, to type based explorations and treatments, his personal creative has elevated projects for a variety of clients, including Adidas, Palms Hotel, The Hundreds, Casio, Amazon, Sony and Playstation.

I had been playing around with layering material underneath glass with a high index of refraction. Things got really interesting once I got it moving.

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