Designer Tsun-Zaku

yoru-shika oyogenai tokyo noir - "noir" vol.05 Based on black and Tokyo at the end of the 60's. Only light is not light.

My name is tsun-zaku (nobuyuki satow). I live in Kitakyushu, Japan.

"hi sureba hana" - fixed form of collage Flowers hidden in the form.

The beginning is a fragment. It loops to the next fragment, sometimes breaks up, and repeats the loop again. At a destination, a figure may appear, or a break may sublimate.

For me it's very similar to sampling and mixing sounds. (At first, I started to create for my sound. : In the middle of a stare and improvising, the theme appears although being vague.

"senju" - in my factory cyberpunk style manus.

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