Digital artist Amir B Jahanbin

Lazy - If you take anything away from this piece its that it's ok to be lazy. This blob guy is so lazy he has set himself down and allowed the world to conform around him. Be like blob.

My name is Amir B Jahanbin. I'm a Brooklyn based digital artist with a focus in animation and illustration. The work is bright and colorful, and often cheeky. Each piece reflects a mood or thought which I bring to life through hypnotic looping animation and pastel tones.

New Shoes - There's nothing like buying new shoes, its the best feeling. I tried capturing that feeling here.

I'm inspired by new age digital sounds, surrealist landscapes and abstract graphic novels. Much of my work features a comic or graphic novel type layout in which there are different views and parts to the same scene, shedding new light, emotion and narrative into the piece.

Self - The strangest part of drawing a self portrait is how obscure and objectified you become while drawing it. The more you stare into your own face the less you see self and the more you see shape, form and line. This piece aims to capture that emotion. (Inspired by a childhood favorite of mine, a self portrait by Norman Rockwell in which he painted himself painting himself)

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