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Digital artist and poet Jireh Grace Pihoc

Updated: Feb 1

For Jireh Grace, From WXYZ
For Jireh Grace, From WXYZ

Jireh Grace Pihoc is a Filipino creative born in Quezon and shaped by her experiences in Marikina and Baguio. A poet and generative AI artist, she has found solace and healing through her artistic expressions. Jireh's creations serve as a mirror to her life, revealing memories of her upbringing and the hidden battles she fights within her mind. Growing up in the diverse landscapes of Metro Manila nurtured her love for words. Her time spent in the library during her formative years led her to develop a love for words which blossomed into a passion for journalism and creative writing during high school, and eventually drove her to pursue research in college until she turned to poetry as a therapeutic practice.

Quantumly Entangled
Quantumly Entangled

In 2023, Jireh complemented her poetry with AI art to add new layers of interpretation to her words, particularly as her curated art often takes on surreal and metaphorical qualities. Her illustrative styles aim to convey her childlike spirit. As the days when she constructed her design concepts as metaphors in her attempt to heal the human spirit, she adds depth and layers of meaning to her thought-provoking works.

The Woman at 365 Hurts
The Woman at 365 Hurts

"The Woman at 365 Hurts" expresses her yearning to hear only the symphony of flowers that bloom through the cracks of her mind. The title symbolizes the pains a woman endures daily, while alluding to the word "hertz" as a metaphor for the sound of schizophrenia and music.

My dear,

It is at this unfortunate time

That I find myself unable to escape

The thoughts of my love

Always wondering how you do

Trying to follow each clue

You keep ever so sparingly

I am forced to hold dear

The public expression

That I sparingly escape, once so detest

Responding so well that you would know

And somehow see and admire

The very depths of me

I have never truly learned to love

Thru distance and silence

And indirect declarations

I still yearn for clarity

And the sweetness of

The gaze, voice and touch

Only hope waters down my agony

For what should be read

And not only cognizant

I wear this heart with pride


Of the world that has to know

Before word would travel to you

In the hope that my love be

Accepted if not requited

Acknowledged if not beloved

As you preserve the world

So preserve my love

With this seed I will grow

Til I be able to nourish

The world you hold so dear

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